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RCS Online Classes -Summer 2017


An online program for students enrolled 
in a Rutherford County High School.

RCSOnline - Summer 2017 Information
Registration for summer online classes will open April 18.

 Session One - May 30- June 23 
 Session Two - June 26- July 21

Testing site will be at Riverdale High School.


Courses offered Summer, 2017 - All courses are offered in either summer term unless otherwise noted. You may take both semesters of a course (one at a time) or just one semester if that is all you need. All courses are standard level. Students may take two courses in term one and two courses in term two. If you are also attending on-site summer school, you should only take one online course per term.

English 1 -TNReady tested Economics* Integrated Math 1-TNReady test Biology-TNReady tested
English 2- TNReady tested
Personal Finance* Term 2 only
(Term 1 is FULL)
Integrated Math 2-TNReady test Chemistry -TNReady tested
English 3- TNReady tested Psychology* Bridge Math Physical Science
English4 Sociology* Finite Math Environmental Science
Creative Writing-Sem1:
Short Fiction and Drama*
US History/Geography
TNReady tested
Art History 
(Term 1 is FULL)
Spanish 1
Creative Writing-Sem2: 
Poetry & Memoirs*
US Government* General Music Spanish 2
    Geometry - Term 2 only
(Term 1 is FULL)

*Denotes half-credit courses.

TNReady means state-tested. TNReady courses – This applies to Geometry, Chemistry, Biology, US History/Geography, Integrated Math 1 or 2, and  English 1, 2 or 3.  The TN Department of Education determines the specific dates for the tests to be administered. This year, TNDOE will not be administering those tests in the summer. Read below for more infomation about how this will affect you if you are enrolled in one of these tested coureses.

 Who can take RCSOnline courses?
RCSOnline Courses are offered only to Rutherford County students who are in the ninth grade or higher in an RCS high school. Rising freshmen are not permitted to take summer online courses before they start ninth grade. Students not enrolled in an RCS high school are not permitted to take RCSOnline courses.



How long do I have to complete a course?

In the summer, each half-credit course lasts foufr weeks, just like on-site summer school. You may take two half-credit courses each term, for a total of four half-credits. You must successfully complete your first term courses by June 23 to be allowed to enroll in term two. If you are planning to take courses in both terms this summer, you may register for all of them at the beginning of the summer, but you will not pay for the second term until it is time to start the course. If you have not completed term one by June 23, you will NOT be allowed to register for or begin term two courses. 


Students who have not completed their first term courses by the June 23 can request a one-week extension at a cost of $50. No more than one extension will be allowed to a student per course. Any assignments not completed by the end of the one-week extension (June 30) will be given a grade of zero. Students who have unfinished work after June 23 cannot register for a class in term two. Students taking courses in term two can also purchase a one-week extension. Graduating seniors needing an extension will NOT be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.


How much time will it take every day?

For courses taken over a 4-week summer term, expect to spend at least 3 to 4 hours, five days per week working in the course. Make sure you have this much time in your schedule before you decide to take the course!!

While online learning offers flexibility in the time of day that a student works on the course, and does not generally require a physical presence in a classroom, virtual attendance is required a minimum of five days a week. This means that the student is active in the course five days per week and completes work on time.* RCSOnline courses are NOT “at your own pace.” Courses have due dates every week, and points will be deducted for not meeting those deadlines.Click here to  read the Virtual Attendance and Late Policy. You and your parents will have to sign acknowledgement of this policy to register. 


*Students are allowed to work ahead and finish the course early. If you know you will not be able to be in the course for a few days, you must do those assignments ahead of time to earn permission to be "absent" from the course. Staying at least a few days ahead of schedule is very highly recommended!


I have a busy summer schedule. Can I still take online courses?

Situations such as working at a job, going on a trip, participating in sports or other extra-curricular activies, etc. do not give the student permission to be inactive (virtual absence) or behind in the course. If obligations such as these and others will prevent you from staying on pace in an online course, then online learning is not for you at this time. Consider all your obligations carefully before you make the commitment to online learning. When you enroll in an online course, you are saying that you have the time to complete the work as required and on time. If you have things coming up and need to be "absent" from your course for a day or so, you can and must work ahead and complete assignments in advance of days that you might be unable to work. You cannot skip assignment deadlines expecting to "catch up" later. Read this paragraph again and make sure you understand. 

To read the RCS Online Virtual Attendance and Late Policy -click here.


Where can I work on my course?
Most students work from home. Some students work some at the summer school lab. Students will need reliable internet access at home to complete their assignments. Internet access at home is the responsibility of the student/parents and is not provided by the school district. If you have problems with your computer or internet at home, you may work on your assignments on a computer at the summer school lab during summer school hours. 

What do I have to do at school?
For each half-credit course, there are three things you must do at the 2016 summer school site (Riverdale High):
1. Orientation - required for first time RCSOnline students

All students who have not previously taken a course through RCSOnline MUST attend an orientation session. Parents are welcome, but not required to attend the orientations. NO other students will be allowed in the lab during the orientation.  Students who have registered and paid their first summer term fees by Friday, May 19 will be allowed to attend an early orientation during final exam week and get a "head start" in their courses. Exact times for those will be communicated by email to the students and parents. Students who have not paid by May 19 will attend an orientation the first day of summer school at Riverdale High, by specific appointment.
2. Mid-way test - must be supervised by the lab facilitator at summer school site. (This test is the equivalent of a nine-weeks test.) Exact date of the mid-way test will be announced by the teacher in the course. This test counts as 10% of your course grade. 

3. Semester exam - must be supervised by the lab facilitator at summer school site. The semester exam must be taken no later than the last day of the course but can be taken sooner if the student has finished all assignments for the course. This test counts as 25% of your course grade.

All students taking second semester of a state TNReady exam course online must take the TNReady exam.

TNReady means state-tested.  This applies to Geometry, Chemistry, Biology, US History/Geography, Integrated Math 1 or 2, and  English 1, 2 or 3.  The TN Department of Education determines the specific dates for the tests to be administered. This year, the Tennessee Department of Education will not be administering those tests in the summer. Those exams will be administered at your school in November or December. Your grade will not be finalized until you have taken the TN Ready exam. Your school counselor will be notified that you need to take the test, and will inform you as to the exact date, time and location for you to report for the exam.



Are these courses easier than regular classes?
Absolutely not. RCSOnline courses require the same amount of work as a regular face-to-face class. This is not the easy way to take a class. In fact, you must work hard to stay on track. The pace in the summer is very intense, just like going to summer school would be. Getting behind is the number one reason students don't pass an online class. Don't let that happen to you!


How much does it cost?
The cost is $150 per half-credit and must be paid before you can start the course. There are no fee waivers and no refunds for online courses. Be sure of your decision before you register for the course. 


How do I register?
Here are the steps:
1.The last day to register for Term Two was Wednesday June 21. The last day to register for Term One was Tuesday May 30. Go ahead and fill out the form, but please be patient. We are very, very busy getting everybody set up and started.

2. We will contact a guidance counselor for approval for you to take the class.
3. You and your parents must sign the acknowledgement form for the Virtual Attendance and Late Policy and return it to Ms. Hunter or your guidance counselor. You may fax it to 615-898-7955, or email the scanned form or email a statement that you have received it to
4. Once we have received approval from a counselor, and you have turned in the form, we will contact you about how to pay and when you will need to come for orientation.


Online Registration for Summer, 2017, will be open April 15, 2017.
The number of slots per course is limited, so registration is first come, first served. You are not guaranteed a place in the course until you are approved and have paid the fee. Once you fill out the registration form, you will receive an acknowledgment email within 3 days. Your final approval email will come as soon as we hear back from your counselor (usually within 24 hours). 


Onsite Registration is at Riverdale High School on Thursday, May 25 from 3-7 pm and Friday, May 26 from 12-4 pm. Avoid the long lines at onsite registration by registering online. If you register online, you do not have to come to on-site registration at all for online courses. 


How do I pay for my course?
When we email you with final approval, we will send instructions about how to pay. Sorry, but we CAN NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS!! We accept cash, cashier's checks or money orders made out to Rutherford County Schools. We also have an online pay system that takes credit/debit cards. We do not post that link on our website because we do not want payments until you have been approved by your guidance counselor. We will send that link in your approval email.

Online courses are NOT covered by fee waivers. There are NO REFUNDS for online courses. Be sure of your decision before you enroll.


One last thing to think about!
Students and parents should be aware that this is a very sizeable commitment in a limited amount of time and requires self-direction, good time-management skills and determination. While online learning provides flexibility in scheduling, it is not the “easy” way of taking a course. Online courses require the same work as face-to-face classes, and students must prepare for and take all state-required tests that apply to the course. Make sure you have time to complete the course and stay on track. Summer can be a busy time. If you are not sure you can fit everything into your schedule, call and we will help you decide what is best for you.

If you have additional questions about RCSOnline courses, please contact Holly Hunter at 615-893-5815, ext 22067 or by email at . We will be happy to answer your questions and concerns and help you decide if online learning is right for you or your child.


RCS Online Courses are also offered during the academic school year.