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Summer Credit Recovery Information

Summer Credit Recovery 2017

Rutherford County Schools

Ask your guidance counselor about
credit recovery during the school year. 

Recovery courses are offered by semester.

Each semester costs $50.

You may take one or both semesters.

English I, II, III, IV

US History

Physical Science

Algebra I

Personal Finance


Algebra II






Bridge Math

World History


Read the following information carefully before you register. Your guidance counselor must approve registrations submitted before May 25.  Summer counselors will approve those submitted after that date. You may register online or come to registration at Riverdale High School on summer school registration days on May 25 from 3:00 until 7:00 and May 26 from 12:00 until 4:00. If you come to RHS to register, bring your report card with you. If you register online, you do not have to come to RHS to register. Avoid the long lines at summer on-site registration by filling out the form online!!

After June 1, Late registration for Credit Recovery will continue until June 23, but you must finish all work by July 21.

You may pay with cash (bring exact change) or by money order or cashier’s check made out to Rutherford County Schools. You can also pay online with a credit or debit card. We send you that link when you are approved for the class. We DO NOT accept personal checks.

  • Students may take recovery courses over the summer by working at Riverdale High School room G7 and/or by working from home.
  • Courses are open only to RCS students who have completed 9th grade and who made a 50-69 in a course during the 2016-17 school year.

Students and Parents, read these requirements carefully before you enroll in a recovery course.

  1. During the summer, students will have until July 21 to complete a half-credit recovery class. To be successful, students should expect to work at least 3-5 hours per day, 5 days per week, on the class whether working at home or at school.
  2. You may register for two semesters of credit recovery. If you finish one or both of them by June 23, you may register for one or two more with special permission from the RCS Credit Recovery Instructional Specialist.
  3. All pre and post-tests must be taken in the lab under the supervision of the recovery facilitator. NO EXCEPTIONS! This will require at least three visits per half-credit to the lab during the eight week summer session. Some courses,especially math, require more pre and post tests. The recovery facilitator will advise you at orientation about how many to expect.

For visits 2 and 3 the student should email the recovery facilitator to make an appointment for the test. Test visits usually take about an hour or less. In the 2nd  visit, you will take two tests as listed above. 

  1.  All assignments for your current learning path must be completed before you take the post-test.
  2.  If a student plans to be on vacation or otherwise unable to work on assignments for a few days, he/she must notify the recovery facilitator in advance and work out a schedule to turn in those assignments.
  3.  Students are allowed to work ahead to finish a recovery course in less than the eight-week summer session. That should be your goal!!
  4.  Students should realize that they will also need reliable internet access outside of lab hours to complete their assignments. Internet access at home is the responsibility of the student/parents and is not provided by the school district.
  5.  When taking the pre-tests, remember to do your very best. The better you score on the pre-test, the less work you will have in your learning path assignments!
  6.  Summer credit recovery that is not completed by July 21 does not carry over to the next school year. You must start over in the fall semester if you do not complete your recovery in the summer term.
Click here for the registration form for Summer 2017 Credit Recovery

For additional information, contact your guidance counselor or

Holly Hunter at 893-5815, ext. 22067 or