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RCS Online - Concurrent Enrollment

What is Concurrent Enrollment?
Concurrent Enrollment is available to current RCS high school students who wish to remain enrolled at their zone school and take additional courses offered online outside of their normal school day.  Reasons students may be interested in this option is to graduate early, make-up credits, or have space in their schedule to take more courses in their elective pathway.
Is there a cost associated with taking a Concurrent Course(s)?

Yes, students must pay the required $125 per half (.50) credit.  On-time seniors (not early graduates) who are eligible for free/reduced lunch may qualify for a discounted rate if they are in need of the course to graduate and the class does not fit in the schedule at their zone school. 


**If the student needs longer than the designated term to complete the half (.50) credit course, an additional payment of $125 will be required to continue with progress.**

Regular School Year: Courses offered Four, 8 week Terms

Summer School: Courses offered Two, 4 Week Terms

What courses are available for Concurrent Enrollment?               
RCS Concurrent Enrollment options are listed below.  Students will be expected to complete a half (.50) credit of coursework within the designated term.  All courses are offered at the standard level, not honors/advanced.
*  English IV (1 credit)  *  Spanish I  (1 credit)
*  Statistics (1 Credit)    *  Spanish II (1 credit)
*  Government (.50 Credit) *  Wellness  (1 credit)
*  Economics (.50 Credit)    *  Physical Education (.50 credit)
*  Personal Finance (.50 Credit)  *  Art History (1 credit)
Will I have access to a teacher to help me with coursework if needed?
Yes, while students will complete assignments through the Edgenuity Online Platform, a Rutherford County teacher of record will be responsible for monitoring progress and assisting with areas of concern.  Students will be required to schedule an appointment with their teacher of record to take the final exam in-person.
Who approves my request for Concurrent Enrollment?
Interested students must download, print, and complete the application located in the attached documents.  Signatures of a parent/guardian and the zone School Counselor are required.  Once the completed application is received by Mrs. Williams, the payment link will be emailed to families. 
What if I change my mind after enrolling?
Please think over this option carefully.  Due to the independent and fast-paced nature of the online platform, students must be motivated, organized, and have the time management skills to balance these requirements with the courses they are also taking at their zone school.  Refunds will not be issued. In addition, the grade received will be added to the student's transcript at the end of the course and cannot be waived. 
I'm interested in this option...what's next?
1. Please consult with your parent/guardian and school counselor at your zone school on what course(s) you are in need of.
2. If you decide to pursue, please print the application and required forms located in the attachments. Application
3. Email the completed application and forms with required signatures to: [email protected]
4. A link to the county's Point and Pay system will be emailed to families to submit the payment online.  If you prefer to pay by cash or money order, you will need to schedule a time with Mrs. Williams for payment at the Board of Education.
5. Once your forms and payment are received by Mrs. Annie Williams, you will be contacted regarding access to the Online Platform and your teacher's requirements to begin coursework!
Term Dates Deadline to sign up
Term 1:  August 14 - October 13 August 11, 2023
Term 2: October 16 - December 15 October 13, 2023
Term 3:  January 16 - March 8 January 12, 2024
Term 4: March 11 - May 10 March 8, 2024
SUMMER 2024 Application coming in April!!
Contact Info:
Annie Williams, M.Ed.
615-893-5815 ext 22826