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LTC (Ret) Russell Rector
Director of JROTC 

Rutherford County Schools
2240 Southpark Drive
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

(615) 898-7974

Twitter: RCS-JROTC

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Organized under the authority of the 1916 National Defense Act the Rutherford County High Schools' Junior Reserve Officer's Training Corps (JROTC) program was first established in 1967 at Central High School. In the years since, with approximately 1200 cadets currently enrolled the program has expanded into eight area high schools, with Rockvale High School opening in the 2019-2020 school year.

The mission of the JROTC program is the "Motivate Young People to be Better American Citizens." The JROTC program prepares a student for life, not for the military. A JROTC cadet is under no obligation to join the military. The interest of the JROTC program is simply to give a student the opportunity to develop and improve him or herself. To accomplish this task the program uses military skills to teach self-discipline, selflessness, confidence, teamwork and pride in a job well done. The JROTC is a credited course given during the regular school hours. It teaches a broad spectrum of subjects, including American Military History, government, verbal and written communication, current events, financial planning and wellness. In addition, the program offers extracurricular activities like Drill Team, Color Guard, Air Rifle Team, Raider Team, JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB), and JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC/Summer Camp).

Since 2005, the U.S. Army JROTC program has been accredited as a Special Purpose Program by the national accrediting agency known as AdvancED ( JROTC curriculum provides equitable and challenging academic content and authentic learning experiences for all Cadets. All lessons are designed using a four part model to motivate the Cadet, allow the Cadet to learn new information, practice competency, and apply the competency to a real-life situation. Moreover, the four part model requires Cadets to collaborate, reflect, develop critical thinking skills, and integrate content with other disciplines. JROTC curriculum includes lessons in leadership, health and wellness, physical fitness, first-aid, geography, American history and government, communications, and emotional intelligence.

The curriculum is rigorous and relevant to 21st century education. In fact, Rutherford County allows credit substitution for Life Time Wellness, Health, (two years)US. Government, and Financial Planning (three years).  Our curriculum meets the standards of Common Core State Standards and aligns with Career and Technical Education clusters.

Perhaps the most important unusual part of the JROTC program is the fact that it does not just teach; it also trains. It trains students in personal skills like studying effectively, taking test, developing winning habits, job interviewing, overcoming fears of failure, and setting goals for themselves. The course also trains cadets in leadership skills like motivating others, making decisions, planning, working as a team member, and problem solving.

The instructors are retired active duty Army officers and non-commissioned officers who are certified by the U.S. Army to teach JROTC. They are employed by the Rutherford County School Board and are full time members of the high school faculty.

DAI Office 
DAI LTC(Ret) Russ Rector
MPC  1SG (Ret) Ira Turner
Supply  SSG (Ret) Kenneth Ford
Blackman High School              Website
SAI COL (Ret) Jeffrey Gaylord
AI SGM (Ret) Barbara Sanders
AI 1SG (Ret) James Hart
Lavergne High School    Website
SAI LTC (Ret) Glenn Shirley
AI 1SG (Ret) Victor Sanchez
Oakland High School Website
SAI LTC (Ret) Bo Stuart
AI CSM (Ret) Mike Daniels
Riverdale High School Website
SAI COL (Ret) Michael Schwartz
AI SGM (Ret) Mike Campbell
Rockvale High School Website
SAI LTC (Ret) Shawn Waltrip
AI MSG (Ret) Jeff Pick
Siegel High School Website
SAI CW4(Ret) Roger Alcendor
AI MSG (Ret) James R. Thurston
Smyrna High School Website
SAI MAJ (Ret) James Jones
AI CSM (Ret) George N. Nelson
Stewarts Creek High School Website
SAI LTC (Ret) Joel Payne
AI 1SG (Ret) Jeff Sobocinski
2020-2021 Event List
Postal Rifle Matches    
Drill Meets    
N Bullitt 23-Jan  
UK-Lex 6-Feb  
Station Cp 3-Apr  
30-Jan Siegel  
20-Feb Blackman  
27-Feb Smyrna  
13-Mar Oakland  
Military Ball    
Rockvale 6-Feb  
Blackman 26-Mar am
LaVergne 24-Mar am
Oakland 17-Mar pm
Riverdale 25-Mar pm
Rockvale 24-Mar pm
Siegel 18-Mar am
Smyrna 25-Mar am
Stewarts Creek 23-Mar am
Awards Ceremony  
Blackman 8-Apr 1300
LaVergne 15-Apr 1800
Oakland 22-Apr 1800
Riverdale 14-Apr 1300
Rockvale 15-Apr 1300
Siegel 13-Apr 1330
Smyrna 7-Apr 1300
Stewarts Creek 20-Apr 1800