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COVID-19 Info for Employees

Please see the following administrative procedures regarding employees and Telework (ADM 1-8) and Employee Wellness Screenings (ADM 1-8a) during emergency situations.

Q&A from HR regarding Reopening of Schools

Now that FFCRA has ended, as of Dec. 31, 2020, what do I do if I test positive for COVID-19 or I am quarantined because of a positive exposure?

Answer: The telework (TW Code) for the request of a substitute will remain. If you are unable to telework, then you may use your sick days. Sick bank members may apply for additional days. 

What precautions will be in place for employees who are immune compromised or have other underlying health conditions?

Answer:  Employees with underlying health conditions will need to work with their administrators on reasonable accommodations and possible ADA accommodations. 

What if I am an employee who medically cannot wear a mask and must wear a face shield?

Answer:  The district has been working with the CTE department to make face shields for those employees who are unable to wear a mask due to an underlying health condition.  These will be provided to those employees.

For our medically fragile teachers, will they be compensated by the county long term disability pay program if they are found to be medically unable to work?

Answer:  To qualify they must be out of work for 181 days (6 months) and when they file their claim, they will have to provide their medical information to the long-term disability company for determination. 

Where do I go to get tested for COVID-19 if the need occurs?

Answer:  The three med point clinics do not have the testing abilities currently.  You may go to the county’s health department or your personal doctor for testing.

In the event a teacher contracts the virus, how will we manage the substitute teacher demands?

Answer:  Advantage XPo is ready with their returning and new substitutes to provide substitutes for our needs.  They are training their employees on all safety and instructional protocols as well as board policies.

Will employees be required to self-screen themselves daily and wear masks?

Answer:  Yes, all employees must wear masks or a face shield if the employee is medically unable to wear a mask.  Every employee will complete a daily form for temperature check and COVID-19 related questions.  These will be reviewed by the employee’s supervisor while maintaining the confidentiality of the employee’s health information.

What about visitors to the school building?

Answer:  Building administrators have provided a symptom checklist at each entrance door or check-in location for visitors to review and confirm answers of no to the COVID-19 questions.  We encourage each location to develop a drop box for paperwork and other items to be exchanged in a contactless manner. All visitors must wear a mask. Visitors allowed into the buildings will be limited to those with essential business.

What mental health resources are available to employees?

Answer:  Life Services Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can provide help in a variety of areas.  They provide 24/7/365 access and can be reached by www.lifeserviceseap.comor at 800-822-4847.  EAP is a free confidential counseling and assistance program.

Will we receive hazard pay?

Answer:  No, hazard pay is not available. Our protocols are in line with CDC Guidelines and the local health department.  It is within the board’s discretion to determine additional bonuses.