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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Why BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
Rutherford County Schools is committed to ensuring students are provided an environment which maximizes the integration and use of technology by students and staff as part of their daily educational experience. BYOD allows students additional opportunities to adapt, manage, and participate in a technological world, and helps fulfill the mission statement of our system of empowering today’s students to grasp tomorrow’s opportunities.
BYOD in Rutherford County
Rutherford County is allowing all 6th – 12th grade students to bring their own technology devices to their school campus to be used for educational experiences and activities. All students and staff are expected to complete the RCS Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) prior to participating in any online activities with either their own device or with school-purchased technology.
Important Information for Students and Parents
• You may begin participating in BYOD once you have completed immediately.   
• Students are not required to bring their own devices to school. However, they are still required to complete an AUP agreement to use school technology.
• All students must connect to RCS Wi-Fi by choosing the RCS-Secure network from their device’s Wi-Fi settings. You will use the same username and password you use when logging in to a school based computer. Students who have devices with other data plans (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) are still required to utilize the RCS-Secure Wi-Fi network. Student filtering is a requirement of all schools regardless of the device.
• The teacher in the classroom has the final say on procedures in the classroom. If a teacher asks you not to use your device at a particular time, then you must follow those directions.
• Personal devices must remain in silent mode at all times except when it is being used for instructional purposes and permission has been granted by the instructing teacher.
• Individual schools will have various zones where personal devices are and are not allowed. Users are required to follow these procedures on where a device can and cannot be used. o Green Zones: Open use of device o Blue Zones: Devices are permitted for specific instructional use o Yellow Zones: Devices are on silent and out of sight o Red Zones: Prohibited
• As stated in board policy 6.312: “Unauthorized use or improper storage of a device will result in confiscation of the device and appropriate disciplinary action.” Possession of a personal device under the RCS policy is a privilege which may be forfeited by a student who fails to abide by all policies and procedures. Refer to the attached BYOD User Guidelines document for further guidance.
• The device may not be used to record, transmit, or post photographic images or video of a person, or persons on campus during school activities including district provided transportation unless assigned by the teacher and allowed by the RCS Acceptable Use, Media Release, and Internet Safety Procedures.
• Connectivity and Technical issues that may arise with the device remain the responsibility of the owner of the device. Students and parents should consult their owner’s manual or other support resources as needed. Students should test their devices outside of instructional time.
o Windows devices may require the installation of a configuration file to allow for connectivity. In these cases, students can work with the school’s Technology Coach or support staff to address this one-time issue.
• Students should ensure devices are charged prior to bringing them to school each day.
• The focus of classroom time is instruction in the content area. Teachers will not be able to assist students with their devices during this instructional time.
• District firewalls and filters are in place to lessen the risk of outside threats.
Personal Responsibility
As with any personal item you bring from home, there are risks involved when you bring your own device to school. RCS is not responsible for theft or damage done to the device while at school. It is important that students and parents record the device’s serial number in the event it comes up missing. A school administrator should be contacted in the event theft occurs so they are aware of the situation.• Students are required to follow the guidelines of the AUP on their personal devices just as they do on school-owned devices. Any disciplinary infractions that occur from using technology tools should be referred to a campus administrator.
RCS Policy 4.406 Use of the Internet
RCS Policy 6.312 Use of Personal Communication Devices and Cellular Telephones