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Homebound Services


The purpose of the Homebound Program is to provide instruction while a student is physically or mentally incapable of participation in regular classroom activities.

Students who are unable to attend school may be eligible for Homebound instruction. The student’s medical or psychological disability must be fully documented and verified by his/her physician, psychiatrist, or treating health care practitioner. Medical documentation (i.e. progress notes, admission and discharge summary, etc.), and a fully completed Homebound Referral Packet must accompany any request for homebound services. Upon receipt of all required documentation, a determination will be made regarding your child’s eligibility for homebound services.

The parent/guardian is responsible for the completion and return of the Homebound Packet. All forms must be returned - completed and signed before the packet can be reviewed by the Homebound Committee, which meets weekly while school is in session. If approved for Services, a teacher from Genesis Learning Centers will be assigned to the student's case. 

Placement in the program should be viewed as a temporary intervention. Homebound Service consists of two home visits per week for 1½ hours per visit. All students will be returned to a regular school placement where the least restrictive educational experience can be provided as soon as possible.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are responsible for assisting their child by following the procedures listed below:

  • The parent/guardian, or responsible adult of at least 18 years of age, MUST be present in the home during the ENTIRE instructional period.

  • The student will have any necessary nursing/medical care before the teacher’s arrival.

  • A quiet area, equipped with a table or desk and chairs, must be provided for use of the student and teacher during scheduled class times. If the student is bedridden, a designated place near the bed must be arranged for teaching materials.

  • The necessary school materials (pen, pencils, paper, textbooks, etc.) are to be available.

  • The teacher and the student are not to be disturbed during the instructional period.

  • A regular program of study and preparation of lessons is required for each student. In addition to the two 1½ hour sessions of instruction provided by the homebound teacher, the student will be expected to complete assignments on his/her own time. Assignments must be completed prior to the homebound teacher’s next scheduled visit.

  • The Homebound program follows the grading policy adopted by the Rutherford County Schools.

  • The Homebound program adheres to the school board policy on attendance. All absences will be reported to the attendance office. Doctor’s excuses are required for all absences.

  • Homebound students will receive their instruction either at the home or residence of the parent/guardian who requests the service or at the hospital. Alternative arrangements for instruction at a different location must be authorized by the supervisor of the Homebound program.

  • Updated medical information may be requested periodically.

  • The Genesis Homebound Department must be notified by 4:30 p.m. on the day prior to a scheduled appointment of any situation necessitating the student’s absence. Emergency absences may be reported between 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. by dialing (615) 832-4222.  A secretary will return your call. 

  • A verification form must be signed by the adult present during homebound instruction.

  • Students placed in the Homebound Program should not be actively engaged in employment. Such employment may result in the student’s removal from the Homebound Program.

  • Students placed in the Homebound Program are not to visit their school campus. Students are not to attend extracurricular activities such as school dances or sporting events unless specifically authorized by the principal of the school. Attendance at such activities without prior written authorization may result in the student’s removal from the Homebound Program.  

Below are the forms that comprise the Homebound Application Packet. ***Please note that the Health Care Provider form for PREGNANCY is different than that for other conditions.

You may print these out and return them to Sarah Winters at fax # (615) 904-3797.

Contact Sarah Winters at 615-893-5815, ext. #22077 or e-mail with any questions or if you need a packet mailed/faxed to you.