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Homebound Services

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~Please read carefully~


The purpose of the Homebound Program is to provide instruction while the student is physically or psychologically incapable of participation in regular classroom activities. Placement in the Homebound program is a temporary intervention. All students should return to a regular school placement where the least restrictive educational experience can be provided as soon as possible. 


The parent/guardian is responsible for completing and returning the Homebound Application packet, unless the student is 18 years of age or older. All forms must be returned completed and signed before the packet can be reviewed by the Homebound Committee. *When parents share custody of a student, all parents/guardians with educational decision-making authority must sign and agree to these services. In cases where parents disagree about Homebound Services, the primary custodial parent will make the final decision.  


The Homebound Committee (which includes a district-level Student Services/504 Specialist, the Health and Homebound Services Supervisor, and a Special Education Department representative) meets to review applications weekly, usually on Wednesdays, while school is in session. The Homebound forms must ALL be completed and returned to the Rutherford County Board of Education by 4 p.m. The day before the meeting for the Homebound Committee to consider the application that week. The packet may be delivered in person, emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 615-904-3797. 


Completion of a Homebound Packet does not automatically mean that Homebound Services are approved. Decisions regarding your child’s educational placement are made at the Board of Education based on the recommendations and information received from the physician. While awaiting a decision regarding your child’s placement to Homebound, it is your responsibility to get assignments and materials from the school to keep your child current in his/her work. If your child is approved for Homebound Services, the Homebound Teacher will not be responsible for work that should have been completed during the waiting period.


Rutherford County Schools works with Genesis Learning Centers, which provides the Homebound teachers. These licensed teachers will provide the qualified student two sessions in the home per week, each session lasting 1½ hours. In addition to the two 1½ hour sessions of instruction provided by the Homebound teacher, the student will be expected to complete assignments on his/her own time. Assignments must be completed prior to the Homebound teacher’s next scheduled visit. All school work is to be managed through Dropbox to ensure accountability for each person on the educational team.  Rutherford County Schools’ teachers will be responsible for grading all work. Homebound teachers may assign participation grades, to be used at the discretion of the teachers of record.  


Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are responsible for assisting their child by following the procedures listed below: 

  • A parent/guardian, or responsible adult of at least 18 years of age, MUST be present in the home during the ENTIRE instructional period. A verification form must be signed by the adult present during Homebound instruction. 
  • Homebound students will receive their instruction either at the home or residence of the parent/guardian or at the hospital. Alternative arrangements for instruction at a different location must be authorized by the supervisor of the Homebound program. 
  • The student must have any necessary nursing/medical care before the teacher’s arrival. 
  • A quiet work area with a table or desk and chairs must be provided for use of the student and teacher during scheduled session times. If the student is bedridden, a specified place near the bed must be arranged for teaching materials. 
  • The necessary school materials (pen, pencils, paper, textbooks, etc.) are to be available. 
  • All parties in the home should be appropriately dressed throughout the Homebound session. 
  • The teacher and the student are not to be disturbed during the instructional period. 
  • No student placed in the Homebound Program should be actively engaged in employment. Such employment may result in the student’s removal from the Homebound Program.  
  • No student placed in the Homebound Program is to visit his school campus unless specifically authorized by the school administration. Students are not to attend extracurricular activities such as school dances and sporting events unless specifically authorized by the school administration. Attendance at such activities without prior written authorization may result in the student’s removal from the Homebound Program. 


The Genesis Homebound Teacher must be notified by 4:30 p.m. on the day prior to a scheduled appointment or any situation necessitating the student’s absence. At the end of your child’s Homebound placement, a survey will be sent from Genesis Learning Centers for you to evaluate their portion of the program. When the survey arrives, please take time to complete it and return it ASAP.