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Frequently Asked Questions About In-service

Below you will find a list of basic questions teachers sometimes have regarding in-service requirements and guidelines. 

Q: Who determines year-to-year requirements for in-service?

    "The Tennessee State Department of Education requires that the 200-day calendar for teachers include five in-service days. What happens within those five days may be determined by local school systems. Based on the contract agreement, an in-service Committee meets to make recommendations to the Superintendent. Traditionally Rutherford County has used three of the days for in-service sessions to begin the school year. In the 2016-2017 school year, teachers must earn the other twelve hours through choice sessions. Additionally, instructional supervisors have required specific emphasis within those twelve hours."

Q: May I earn in-service credit on a personal leave day or on a sick leave day?

"No. Teachers are paid for two personal leave days each year and accumulate sick leave days each month for which they are also paid. Teachers are also paid for the five days of required in-service. Therefore, if you were to earn in-service credit on a personal or sick leave day, you would be paid twice for the same day."

You cannot attend any in service while on leave of any kind (paid or non paid). It is a liability issue that prevents the attendance of anyone on extended leave.


Q: May I earn in-service credit for activities which involve students such as yearbook conferences, coaching clinics, etc.?

"No. State guidelines preclude teachers from receiving credit for conferences or workshops where they are supervising students. If there are sessions which only sponsors or coaches attend, you may request in-service credit from your principal and instructional supervisor."

Q: May I earn in-service credit for travel?

"That depends on the nature of the travel and its relevance to your teaching assignment. A limited number of hours may be earned depending upon approval from your principal and instructional supervisor."

Q: What is the focus requirement?

"Focus requirement is a way to emphasize the content of in-service. It changes each year based on input from the Staff Development Committee, textbook adoption cycle, and other factors."

Q: How will I know if my requirements are met?

"You may check your individual in-service report at

Q: How do I request credit for training I receive outside the school system?

"Request for an alternative PD is online in SchoolStation. You can locate the online form at the purple bottom of the scheduler box- alternative PD tools and needs to be completed at least 10 days prior to the in service.

Q: I started after the 1st day of school. Do I still need to complete 12 hours of in-service?

"That depends on your position. If you are coming into a new position, you will have the opportunity to be paid for 12 hours, regardless of when you start. If you are filling an interim position, you may not need to complete any hours. Call the Professional Development Center to be sure!" 615-893-5815 x22073.