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Debbie Meacham -- School Psychologist

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Rutherford County's Mission Statement:
“To empower today’s students to grasp tomorrow’s opportunities!"
The 2019-2020 School Year has been a strange one but one none of us will ever forget.  When I left school on 3/13/20, I knew we would be out for 3 weeks but never imagined it would turn into six, or possibly more.  I miss my students, I miss my teachers, and I miss my admins but feel like our county has handled this, hopefully, once in a lifetime occurrence with great consideration for all involved.  I hope to see everyone on 4/27 and I will treasure our last weeks of this school year.
Until then, If you need my assistance during the COVID-19 shutdown, please feel free to contact me at   I'll be happy to schedule an appointment with you during my virtual office hours.  
Until then, stay healthy!
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