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UPDATE: Rutherford County School Board extends temporary mask requirement

Rutherford County Schools

The Rutherford County Board of Education has extended the temporary mask requirement based on the positivity rate in Rutherford County. 


Based on the metrics approved for the mask requirement, the county's positivity rate must fall below 10 percent for three consecutive weeks before the mask requirement will end. Currently, the county's positivity rate — although it has dropped significantly since September — remains above 10 percent. 


You can monitor the district's COVID-19 data dashboard HERE. The dashboard is updated each Monday. 





The approved motion (from September 2021 and the full text of which is included below) includes metrics to determine when the mask procedure will be deactivated or reactivated.  


Under Gov. Lee’s Executive Order 84, parents do have the option to opt-out their students from the requirement. Please note this applies only to students and not employees. Parents will need to complete this form if they wish to opt-out their students (one form submission per student is required).


The full text of the motion approved by the School Board in September is included below:
Move to approve a temporary mask requirement for students and Rutherford County Schools’ employees for thirty days beginning September 13, 2021 and running through October 14, 2021 providing parents of students the option to opt-out subject to the following terms:
  • The temporary mask requirement shall automatically terminate if the average weekly Rutherford County Covid-19 positivity rate is 10% or lower for three consecutive weeks.
  • If the temporary mask requirement terminates earlier than thirty days and the Rutherford County Covid-19 positivity rate becomes 15% or higher, the temporary mask requirement shall automatically be reinstated.

  • If a masked student comes into contact with another individual with Covid-19, the masked student shall not be required to quarantine unless the masked student is exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms.

  • The temporary mask requirement shall be reviewed again at the board meeting on October 14, 2021.