Bus Routes and School Zones

To find the bus route information for a specific address, click here. 

Use the interactive map below to look up school zones for a specific address. 
You can also use the map to look up School Board zones.

Searchable maps of the approved rezoning — which will be phased in over the next three years — are also included so parents can see how their homes are affected. Please see the map below for details. 

  • Rezoning Year 1 (2024-2025): The rezoning affects Roy Waldron Elementary, LaVergne Lake Elementary, Smyrna Elementary and John Colemon Elementary
  • Rezoning Year 2 (2025-2026): All other elementary schools are affected and high schools.
  • Rezoning Year 3 (2026-2027): Middle school zones are affected.  

Stewarts Creek Elementary Enrollment Cap information

New students moving into the Stewarts Creek Elementary School zone after Sept. 29, 2023, will instead be enrolled at Brown's Chapel Elementary for the 2024-2025 school year. The enrollment cap also applies to new school system employees who begin after Sept. 29, 2023. The only exception will be for new families zoned for the school with only a new kindergartener who needs to enroll. This enrollment cap will remain in effect until classroom space is available at Stewarts Creek Elementary or until the new elementary school opens in August 2025.