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High School Counseling

School Counselors are professional educators with a mental health perspective who understand and respond to the challenges presented by today’s diverse student population. School Counselors are integral to the total educational program.  They work closely with teachers, parents/guardians, administration and school staff. They provide proactive leadership that engages all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to help students achieve school success. School Counselors work in three domains: Academics, Personal/Social, and Postsecondary/Career. 
Each RCS High School is staffed with professional school counselors who can provide the following services, as based on both the Tennessee Model for School Counseling and the American School Counselor Association:

  • Individual and small group counseling
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents, administrators, teachers, support staff, and community agencies
  • Staff development
  • Seminars for parents
  • Student advocacy
  • Social services and mental health agency referrals
  • Prevention and intervention programs    

All school counselors in RCS schools are professionals, have a master's degree or higher in school counseling, meet the state certification/licensure standards, and uphold ethical and professional standards of the American School Counseling Association. In addition, school counselors implement prevention programs for mental health and can aid families in locating other helpful resources.

You may contact your child's school counselor by visiting the schools webpage or by simply contacting the student's school directly. 

Any questions regarding high school counseling can be directed at the secondary schools counseling supervisor,    Christine E. Bryan, at [email protected]