Why I Choose Rutherford County Schools


"At Barfield, I feel that I have the freedom to grow and experiment with my teaching in ways that I choose.  Additionally, I feel comfortable to express concerns without the fear of judgement or ridicule.  I value these things and have not always had them, so I appreciate my place at Barfield."
Cara Taylor
Behavior Interventionist at Barfield Elementary

Vannessa AsklandVanessa Krauss
Spanish at Blackman High
"The unity among students and faculty at Blackman High is the hallmark of our school and I sincerely hope we are able to continue fostering that culture in future school years."

"Our teachers and administrators truly care about students' success at Barfield. You can tell by the way teachers and administrators interact with all students and seeing students' smiles. I never have to wonder what is expected and the bar is always set high. I know what is expected and make sure that my students do, as well."
Schlynda Robinson
Kindergarten at Barfield Elementary

Chase Dedmon
Spanish at Smyrna High 
"At Smyrna High, we are not micromanaged. We are helped. Not just by admin, but by other teachers in the building. It's a sense of togetherness where we all help SHS get better."

"I chose Holloway High School because they share the same mission and vision that I do: to graduate productive citizens with the potential to pursue their desired career path. We focus on building relationships with the students and encouraging their intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Not only do we build our students up, we build our faculty up as well by giving each other the support we need to be successful. We are a family. " Monica White
Monica White
Math at Holloway High

Chris Butner
Assistant Principal
at Whitworth-Buchanan Middle
"We have a common goal of educating the students to the best of our abilities.  We all work together for the best outcome of the students and the learning environment."

"Building relationships and being intentional about it makes students feel like they are a part of my family."
Pam Curray
Science at Oakland Middle
Scott Kinney
Scott Kinney
Band at Oakland Middle
" I know lots of kids who have a growth mindset and believe in themselves when they formally did not."
Eldridge Sprolden
Eldridge Sprolden
Science at Holloway High
"I feel real good when I see students move from a state of hopelessness and helplessness to
self confidence 
in their ability to learn anything."
"I hope we never change the way we make the students feel safe, a sense of home, and belonging."
Jessica Jones
Jessica Knight
English at Riverdale High