RTI2 - Response to Instruction and Intervention

Rutherford County Schools is committed to empowering today's students to grasp tomorrow's opportunities.  We have many ways to help children who are struggling to learn and who need additional supports to be successful.  Response to instruction and intervention is one form of support we offer in all schools.

What is RTI2?

RTI2 is Tennessee’s framework for teaching and learning. It begins with access to high-quality instruction with appropriate scaffolds throughout the day and emphasizes intervening with students when they first struggle to avoid prolonged academic difficulties.

The first “I” in RTI2 is instruction; strong Tier I or core instruction is the foundation of RTI2. Core instruction and grade-level expectations are delivered to all students through the Tier I instructional block.

The second “I” in RTI2 is intervention. Intervention is offered as additional instruction with multiple entry and exit points based on students’ needs.