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Would you like to receive a premium discount in 2020 for your medical coverage? This year you and your spouse (if applicable) have even more options to earn a $300 premium discount. Simply earn 3 points per person by completing any of the options below:

Options for Points include:

  1. Complete an Annual Physical- 2 points
  2. Complete a fasting biometric screening 1,2 -1 point See attached Wellness Form
  3.  Complete your online Health Assessment at or with the myCigna app3- 1 point
  4.  Get a mammogram- 1 point                                                                
  5. Get your annual OB/GYN exam- 1 point
  6. Get a colon cancer screening- 1 point
  7. Get a cervical cancer screening- 1 point
  8. Get a prostate screening- 1 point
  9. Get a Flu Shot- 1 point

All options except the Biometric Screening are credited through medical claims. Once your exam is completed you will receive credit for completion 2-3 weeks from when the claim is filed. The Biometric Screening requires the submission of the Biometric screening form attached to this email. 


The maximum premium reduction that can be earned per household is $300. If you have a spouse on your medical plan, you and your spouse must each earn 3 points for a total of 6 points to qualify for the $300 maximum reduction. All actions must be completed while active on the Rutherford County Medical Plan. 


Complete the fasting biometric screening(s) at a MedPoint clinic, Kroger, CVS, or through your primary care physician sometime between 1/1/2019 to 9/30/19.  If you have this done at MedPoint, they will send the form into Cigna.


You may also have your biometric screening completed at a physician’s office that is not MedPoint.  If you do this, YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring the completed form is filled out correctly and received at Cigna by the deadline.  Instructions on how to submit the form to Cigna are located at the top of the form.
NOTE:  We STRONGLY suggest that you use MedPoint for your biometric screening.  It is the best way to ensure the form is submitted to Cigna.


At the end of the Health Assessment you will be taken to a page that gives you: Your score, the average score of your peers, top three areas to work on, areas that are good titled "Cater to your strengths". Scroll to the bottom of the screen "Continue exploring my wellness" or "Print". You have completed your Health Assessment and save and exit. Make sure you select to email a confirmation to yourself to ensure you have documentation of completion.



How to confirm Cigna points


Step 1          Login to your account at

Step 2          Click on the Wellness Tab

Step 3          Click on Incentive Awards under Rewards and Programs

Step 3          Two boxes will display. The debit card amount is for Health Babies, a prenatal opt-in program. The points are for the wellness program. The right box (maximum) shows how many points are needed for completion. The left box (earned) shows how many points have been awarded. When these points match, you are in completion status and this is your confirmation page. (Points are not populated in real time and may 2-4 weeks after completion to reflect).

If your hire date is before August 1st, 2019, you are required to complete the incentive requirements before the September 30th, 2019 deadline.

If your hire date is after August 1st, 2019, you are not required to complete the incentive requirements for the 2019 plan year.

Note: If your spouse is currently enrolled in your medical plan for 2019 but will not be covered in 2020, they are still required to complete the biometric screening and health risk assessment before the September 30th deadline to receive a premium deduction in 2020.

Note: If a dispute arises, we will confirm eligibility for the premium reduction based on the information shown at Cigna. Therefore, it is advised that you review your points at to ensure all requirements have been met prior to the September 30th deadline.