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Rutherford County Schools All-District Honor Band set to perform with guest conductors

February 24, 2017

Rutherford County Schools

The annual Rutherford County Schools All-District Band will perform Friday night.

The middle school band will perform at 5:30 p.m. followed by the 9th and 10th grade band at 6:30 p.m. and the 11 and 12 graders will conclude with a performance at 7:30 p.m. The performances will take place at the Oakland Middle School auditorium. Admission is $3 for adults and $2 for children 5 and older.

“It’s really rather exciting,” said Lindsay Halford, fine arts coordinator for Rutherford County Schools. “Instead of just seeing individual schools, we get to see a whole collaborative event with teachers and students from all over the county.”

The all-district band is made up of the best student players from RCS.

Just as Stewarts Creek middle and high schools had the most students performing at the mid-state level, they’re overall numbers dominate the all-district honor band. There are 30 band members representing Stewarts Creek Middle and 20 in all representing the two high school honor bands, including 17 on the 9th and 10th grade roster.

Every school is represented.

“It’s like a best of the best ensemble to represent the best of what we have here in Rutherford County,” Halford said.

Guest conductors were selected based on their reputation for excellence as music educators.

“We’re giving our students an opportunity to work with people they’ve never worked with before,” Halford said, “so they’re getting a new perspective, but these are people with great track records.”

All three – Jereme Frey, Justin Scott and David Hazlett – have local ties to the mid-state area.

Frey, who is the director of bands at Father Ryan High School, in Nashville, will conduct the middle band. Scott, co-director of bands at Tullahoma High School, will do the same for the 9th and 10th grade honor band, while Hazlett, director of bands at McGavock High School, in Nashville, will lead the 11th and 12th grade band.

Each of them have personally prepared concert programs of repertoire specifically for this event.

“In addition to providing students with expert musical advice,” Halford said, “the conductors will also give RCS music teachers ideas for new rehearsal techniques and programming.”

2017 11-12th GRADE HONOR BAND

Diane Liu, Siegel
Chelsey Zhu, Central Magnet
Rose Higginbotham, Siegel
Nicole McAbee, Blackman
Anna Cooper, Siegel
Zoe Ramsay, Siegel 

Victor Cabrera, Riverdale

Rosemarie Kuenn, Oakland

Eb Clarinet
Nicholas Rediker, Siegel

Lee Johnson, Siegel
Skyler Cannon, Riverdale
Meredith King, Siegel
Mckensey Malin, Stewarts Creek
Madison Bridges, Riverdale
Catheryn Bolick, Stewarts Creek
Scott Ayers, Central Magnet
Nikki Horton, Central Magnet
Alexandra Bellinova, Stewarts Creek
Emily Robinson, Siegel
Shahd Abbas, Smyrna 

Bass Clarinet
Alyssa Bohmeyer, Stewarts Creek
Jonathan Miller, Blackman

Contrabass Clarinet
Blair Wright, Siegel

Alto Saxophone
Isaiah Haggard, Eagleville
Christopher Hedden, Smyrna

Tenor Saxophone
Michael Montoya, Siegel

Baritone Saxophone
Jeremy Wright, Riverdale 

Cameron Wilson, Riverdale
Joel Bain, Blackman
Jacob Ketron, Oakland
Dominic Perratta, Blackman
Andy Wilcox, Siegel
Josh Blake, Blackman
Lyndie Eturralde, Siegel
Jacob Olivera, Lavergne

Grant Skinner, Central Magnet
Andrew Hardy, Riverdale
Erin Fouss, Stewarts Creek
Tristan Reymann, Lavergne
Brandon Stewart, Riverdale
Carolina Herrera, Siegel 

Preston Emore, Oakland
Christopher Johnson, Riverdale
Ana Klukowski, Central Magnet
Wil Jordan, Siegel
Alex Kapamas, Siegel
Carson Sisk, Stewarts Creek

Graison Sweeney, Blackman
Matthew Clark, Siegel

Hannah Swedberg, Riverdale
Jacob Cobb, Stewarts Creek

Erich Smith, Eagleville
Nicholas Stokes, Smyrna
Maria Dauerer, Stewarts Creek
Gavin Kitchen, Stewarts Creek
Rex Davis, Stewarts Creek
Jeremy Smithson, Smyrna


2017 9-10th GRADE HONOR BAND

Aalia Hanif, Central Magnet
Melody Kinney, Oakland
Sydney Sherrill, Siegel
Katie Parsons, Stewarts Creek
Katie Craven, Stewarts Creek
Abby Locke, Stewarts Creek

Alexis Portlock, Stewarts Creek

Jake Buchanan, Blackman

Eb Clarinet
Anne Nguyen, Oakland

Bb Clarinet
Matthew Johnson, Riverdale
Megan Ellis, Middle Tennessee Christian
Joshua Narrell, Central Magnet
Amanda Greene, Stewarts Creek
Lilli Smith, Blackman
Abby Lane, Siegel
Sarah Greenwood, Stewarts Creek
Rachel Foster, Central Magnet
Jessica May, Blackman
Leah Piccirillo, Siegel
William Lantz, Riverdale
Savannah Shaver, Siegel

Bass Clarinet
Daniel Wendt, Central Magnet
Abby Husk, Oakland

Alto Saxophone
Josef Viramontes, Riverdale
Logan Decker, Blackman

Tenor Saxophone
Joshua Briggs, Siegel

Baritone Saxophone
Emily Westmoreland, Siegel

Grace Hackney, Stewarts Creek
Donavon Hamlett, Oakland
Patrick Kounlavouth, Stewarts Creek
Bella Hii, Riverdale
Everett Davis, Blackman
Justin Melton, Oakland
Sam Loyd, Siegel
Bailey Shedden, Stewarts Creek

Kayla Horne, Siegel
Lindsey Romine, Oakland
Kendall Smith, Smyrna
Daniel Norton, Riverdale
Lauren Johnson, Stewarts Creek
Hannah Gibson, Siegel

Kevin Mills, Stewarts Creek
Bernard Ekwuazi, Blackman
Jarrett Allen, Oakland
Nicholas Dauerer, Stewarts Creek
Braden Gates, Stewarts Creek
Jordan Ezzell, Stewarts Creek

Stephanie Hensley, Central Magnet
Audrey Wakefield, Oakland

Ryan Gagnon, Central Magnet
Chris Curtis, Riverdale

Mya McGovern, Blackman
Evan Anderson, Central Magnet
Slade Moore, Stewarts Creek
Dalton Klingbeil, Stewarts Creek
Mario Shaw, Stewarts Creek
Brett Mackie, Stewarts Creek



Taylor Sanderson, Rock Springs
Kiernan Stuppy, Oakland
Hannah Johnson, Stewarts Creek
Kara Lane, Siegel
Emma Williams, Oakland
Zoe Burgins, Rockvale
Lily Beth Woods, Central Magnet
Arethly Trejo, Rockvale
Kaitlyn Olsen, Oakland
Katherine Beatty, Stewarts Creek 

Carrie Waugh, Thurman Francis
Marion Johnson, Christiana

Xavion Patterson, Rock Springs
Becky Klukowski, St. Rose of Lima Catholic

Lauren Barina, Stewarts Creek
Anderson Oliver, Blackman
Sydney Taylor, Central Magnet
Claire Miller, Blackman
Kayden Barrett, Blackman
Christina Vongsiharath, Blackman
Ruby Neu, Blackman
Sydney Boyce, Stewarts Creek
Josh Kern, Stewarts Creek
Yassin Adams, Stewarts Creek
Joshua Terral, Oakland
Emily Lehman, Stewarts Creek
Paige Sadley, Oakland
Jessica Jenkins, Blackman
Aria Stockton, Rockvale
Lacy Stroh, Whitworth-Buchanan
Jaden Webster, Stewarts Creek
Lena McDaniel, Blackman
Jacob Hughes, Rock Springs
Phoenix Zulueta, Rockvale
Marissa Dagit, Rock Springs 

Bass Clarinet
Sydney Barnett, Oakland
Colleen Knight, Oakland 

Contra Bass Clarinet
Ivan Kakooza, La Vergne 

Alto Saxophone
Marilyn McCarthy, Siegel
Elizabeth Raynor, Oakland
Constantia Georgiou, Stewarts Creek
Mary Emma Moran, Stewarts Creek 

Tenor Saxophone
Riley Russell, Rockvale
Landon Frayser, Stewarts Creek

Baritone Saxophone
Caden Holmes, Central Magnet
Zach Coleman, Stewarts Creek 

Jacob Stevens, Stewarts Creek
Maximilian Dauerer, Stewarts Creek
Eli Oliver, Oakland
Sawyer Phelps, Stewarts Creek
Devin Archibald, Rockvale
Hunter Hartquist, Rockvale
Holland Imes, Siegel
Abigail Jackson, Oakland
Allison Blackburn, Christiana
Wil Culbertson, Stewarts Creek
Andrew Foster, Blackman
Jadyn Hoskins, Rock Springs
Morgan Minter, Rockvale
Leilani Adams, Rock Springs

Emily Sholar, Stewarts Creek
Gracie Thomas, Oakland
Dean Matheny, Stewarts Creek
Rachel Cunningham, Stewarts Creek
Leah Walker, Blackman
Sydney Williams, Oakland
Enrique Martinez, Rock Springs
Isaiah Smith, Rockvale
Jacob Cahill, Oakland
Casi Huppe, Stewarts Creek 

Xavier Phangnavong, Stewarts Creek
Russell Drowota, Central Magnet
Olivia Byrom, Oakland
Josiah Anderson, Oakland
Julius Rogers, Rockvale
Adam Bradley, Rockvale
Nevaeh Morris, Stewarts Creek
Elvin Vargas, Blackman
Emma Gilland, Siegel
Mckenzie Louis, Oakland 

Chloe Waters, Rockvale
Baylee Matthews, Stewarts Creek
Will Parker, Blackman
Adrianna Jones, Rock Springs
Luke Bowden, Blackman 

Chandler Currier, Stewarts Creek
Elliott Black, Christiana
Jacob Watson, Stewarts Creek
Isaac Dortch, Smyrna
Connor White, Central Magnet
Whit Barrett, Smyrna 

Christopher Lake, Stewarts Creek
Lucas Chandler, Blackman
Evan Fouss, Stewarts Creek
Tristan Murphy, Christiana
Zachary Teague, Stewarts Creek
Kyle Endsley, Stewarts Creek
Andrew Ledford, Stewarts Creek

The middle school all-district honor band practicing Friday morning for their performance later that night.