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Christiana Middle School awarded during the 'Caught Green Handed' initiative

April 13, 2018
Rutherford County Solid Waste Department
Christiana Middle School teachers, students, and custodians were awarded for their exceptional recycling efforts during the “Caught Green Handed” initiative sponsored by Operation: Rutherford Recycles.
There were 140 students, seven teachers, and three custodians awarded over the month of March.
The Caught Green Handed initiative sought to bring attention to the recycling efforts in the Rutherford County Schools system by awarding individuals within Christiana Middle School that were recycling correctly and on an ongoing basis.
“At Christiana Middle, we have about 15 students that give up much of their study hall time to run recycling routes that not only help out our custodians, but also reminds everyone who sees them working that we all need to do our part,” said Dawn Powell, a Teacher and Recycling Coordinator for Christiana Middle. “I remind students that are in my Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) class how important proper disposal is and give friendly reminder emails to the teachers and staff.”
Powell played a critical role during the Caught Green Handed initiative by working with Operation: Rutherford Recycles in awarding and catching all of the classrooms and custodians that have shown excellent participation and effort in the schools recycling program.
When asked why she enjoyed participating in the program, Powell stated, “I liked the idea of “catching” faculty and students recycling correctly because as the recycling coordinator for Christiana, it provided school-wide, positive reinforcement. The prizes and recognition were awesome!”
Operation: Rutherford Recycles, a Rutherford County Solid Waste recycling campaign, created the initiative in an effort to work with local businesses, schools, and municipalities to promote recycling in Rutherford County due to the impending Rutherford County Landfill and Middle Point Landfill closures.
The program was sponsored by Caraustar Recycling, Lanes Trains and Automobiles, and Strike and Spare of Murfreesboro. Each business donated prizes to hand-out to students and staff who were “caught” recycling.