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Congratulations to all Junior and Senior Beta winners

McFadden School of Excellence    
1st Place Performing Arts Group Talent  
1st Place Performing Arts Solo Talent- Jackson Harris
1st Place Songfest      
1st Place Quiz Bowl      
1st Place Technology      
1st Place Scrapbook Portfolio    
1st Place Apparel Design    
1st Place 3-Dimensional Design    
1st Place Speech- Kinsley Myers    
1st Place 5th Grade Language Arts- Sofia Kime
1st Place 5th Grade Social Studies- Daphne Gamble
1st Place Fiber Arts- Kinsley Myers    
1st Place Poetry- Adeline Bennett    
1st Place Service      
2nd Place Marketing and Communications  
2nd Place Mixed Media Art- Cici Schultz  
2nd Place Woodworking- Maddox Whittenburg
3rd Place 5th Grade Science- Kyle Carter  
3rd Place Robotics      
3rd Place Digital Art- Catherine Denton  
3rd Place Creative Writing- Ross Kleinlein  
4th Place Service Learning Showcase  
4th Place Painting- Jordan Krise    
4th Place Handmade Jewelry- Mady Mills  
4th Place Campaign Skit    
5th Place Living Literature    
5th Place Book Battle      
Blackman Middle School    
4th Place Marketing and Communications  
5th Place Solo, Duo, Trio Performing Arts  
Central Magnet School     
1st Place 6th Grade Math- Michael Collier Pawlowski
1st Place 8th Grade Science- Isaac Smith  
1st Place 7th Grade Social Studies- Tasman Takayama
2nd Place 6th Grade Social Studies- Sophia Stringfield
2nd Place 7th Grade Language Arts- Payden Daniels
3rd Place Creative Writing- Elena Newburry  
3rd Place 8th Grade Language Arts- Leah Pruter
5th Place 6th Grade Science- Ryan Russell  
5th Place Mixed Media Art- Paige Turner  
5th Place Drawing- Angel Hu    
Christiana Middle School    
2nd Place Fiber Arts- Jillian Morris    
3rd Place Service Learning Showcase  
4th Place 8th Grade Language Arts- Ivy Lin  
Eagleville School      
3rd Place Apparel Design    
Rockvale Middle      
4th Place 8th Grade Social Studies- Ryan Maier
Rocky Fork Middle School    
1st Place Marketing and Communications  
Thurman Francis Arts Academy    
2nd Place Creative Writing- Siri Reynolds  
2nd Place 8th Grade Math- Ella Clark  
Central Magnet School    
1st  Place Language Arts 10th Grade- Lauren Norman
1st Place Math 9th Grade- Ashleigh Clark  
1st Place Math 11th Grade- Dahlen Elstran  
1st Place Mixed Media Division II- Brooke Busbee
1st Place Spanish 11th Grade- Sophia Kennan  
2nd Place Speech Division II- Yeongseo Son  
2nd Place Jewelry Division I- Jill Patel  
2nd Place Language Arts 11th Grade- Lauren Mitchum
2nd Place Math 12th Grade- Caleb Conard  
2nd Place Recyclable Arts Division II- Dot Perkins
3rd Place Fiber Arts Division I- Elaina Mabry  
3rd Place Poetry Division I- Elizabeth Woods  
3rd Place Science 10th Grade- Katie Cowart  
3rd Place Science 12th Grade- Cimrun Srivastava
3rd Place Social Studies 9th Grade- Miles Lee  
3rd Place Social Studies 12th Grade- Savannah Roth
4th Place Science 9th Grade- Zoe London  
4th Place Science 11th Grade- Anna Grace Dillard
5th Place Social Studies 11th Grade- Nathaniel Cardel
5th Place Spanish 10th Grade- Sydney Petty  
5th Place Spanish 12th Grade- Richard Pletan  
Eagleville School      
1st Place Marketing and Communications  
4th Place Woodworking Division I- Olivia Gregg
5th Place Division I Digital Art- Jenna Gaessler  
LaVergne High School      
4th Place Spanish 11th Grade- Delia Estefani Mendieta Mendez
Oakland High School      
2nd Place Math 9th Grade- Beth Nelson  
Riverdale High School      
1st Place Drawing Division II- Eli Ward  
2nd Place Social Studies 9th Grade- Madelyn Smythia
Siegel High School      
3rd Place Agriscience 10th Grade- Trinity Waggoner
5th Place Drawing Division II- Mai-Thi Kieu  
Smyrna High School      
3rd Place Spanish 12th Grade- Diana Medina  
4th Place Spanish 10th Grade- Leslie Mendoza-Ortiz
5th Place Language Arts 9th Grade- Kennedy Deamues
Stewarts Creek High School    
1st Place Language Arts 11th Grade- Sara Sandefur
1st Place Science 11th Grade- Austin Music