Drivers Licensure




Students seeking to obtain a driver license permit or a regular license must obtain a Certificate of Compliance (SF 1010) form from the school in which they are enrolled. The Certificate of Compliance is based on a student's attendance.


Note: The Attendance Department at the Rutherford County Board of Education will only issue Certificates of Compliance during the summer months when schools are not in session.   


Certificate of Compliance (SF1010) forms are to be obtained in person by the  

student or parent/guardian before going to Driver Services Center.  Forms will not be faxed or emailed to the Driver Services Center. 




Per Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-3017, the school system is required to report to the Department of Safety any student between the age fifteen (15) to seventeen (17), who are not in compliance due to the following:  



Withdrawn from school.  “Withdrawal” means a student has accumulated more than ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) total days of unexcused absences during a single semester.  After having withdrawn from school for the first time for the purpose of this section, a student may not be considered as being in compliance with this section until the student returns to school and makes satisfactory academic progress or reaches eighteen (18) years of age.  “Satisfactory academic progress” means making a passing grade in at least three (3) full unit subjects or their equivalency at the conclusion of any grading period.  For second or subsequent withdrawals, a student shall have all driving privileges suspended until the student reaches eighteen (18) years of age.


Students deemed out of compliance at the end of a semester based on the criteria above will receive a letter from their school principal that will serve as a formal notification that the Tennessee State Department of Safety has been notified of the non-compliance.  Concerns regarding facts included in the letter are to be addressed to the school principal within 7 days from the date of the letter.  Procedures for administrative review and/or hearing by the Tennessee Department of Safety are addressed in T.C.A. 5-50-511 and T.C.A. 55-50-512.