Social Media

RCS social media information and guidelines for appropriate interaction

Rutherford County currently utilizies our website and multiple social media channels to share important and timely information with our parents, students and the community.

Rutherford County Schools is very active on social media. For the latest school news, announcements and closing information, please follow through the channels below. 

We strive to keep an open forum on our social media pages where all opinions are welcome and respected. However, obscene, abusive or racist language or photos of any kind will not be tolerated. Any messages that contain obscenities or personal attacks will be deleted, and anyone posting such messages will be blocked from commenting. The same applies for those trying to spread false information, such as school closings.

If a student directs inappropriate messages or comments to the school district's social media pages, a screen shot of the offensive message will be shared with your parents and your principal, and you will be blocked from accessing RCS social media accounts. If the message was posted during school, the school may impose additional consequences using the Code of Behavior and Discipline.

We appreciate your feedback and your opinions but also ask that you engage in respectful and reasonable discussions on these pages. Thank you for supporting Rutherford County Schools and making our school district among the best in Tennessee.