Staff Development and IDEA Compliance

Staff Development

Staff Development is key to having a staff of professional educators and related service providers who are up-to-date on the most effective programs, materials, and strategies to appropriately educate our students with disabilities.

Rutherford County has many personnel who are accomplished and well respected in their respective areas who are able to develop and provide staff development opportunities to our personnel.  RCS personnel also train other school systems and routinely present at state and national conferences.

We also seek out and bring in recognized experts and skilled practitioners from all over the country to provide staff development to our personnel.

Our staff development specialist is not only one of our personnel who develops and presents training opportunities to our personnel, he also coordinates with other SPED personnel who develop or schedule staff development opportunities to ensure that all of our personnel are aware of the many in-system and outside trainers and opportunities that we make available.

IDEA Compliance

Special education is a maze of state and federal laws and regulations, as well as RCS policies and procedures, and recognized best practices.  Keeping our SPED personnel knowledgeable of and in compliance with the complicated landscape of special education is done through the training opportunities we offer, guidance documents, and one-on-one consultation.

Explaining the law and regulations to parents and advocates is another aspect of the position.  Our IDEA compliance specialist is available to answer parent questions and will seek out answers to questions from parents to ensure that they are informed and involved in their child’s special education.