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Blended Learning

 Classroom Today
 Why Blended Learning?
  • Understand the key characteristics of blended learning and impacts on student learning
  • Evaluate Blended Learning resources that will engage students and add accountability
Station 1:

Teacher-led student learning station

Learning Target

  • Experience a teacher-led student center station
  • Examine the definition of blended learning
  • Evaluate how RCS teachers are applying blended learning in their classrooms


 Station 2:

Accountability In Your Station Rotation

Learning Target:

  • Describe the importance of student accountability when using station rotations. 


  • Read the article using either the paper copy provided or the digital copy (link below). The digital copy has clickable links for extra information.
  • After reading the article, answer the questions below in the Microsoft Form. The answers will be sent to your teacher.

Digital Copy:

Microsoft Form:


Option 2: Blended Learning vs Tech Rich (Complete this if you already read the accountability article)

Learning Target

  • Identify two hallmarks that differentiate a blended learning classroom from a tech-rich classroom.
  • Provide a scenario that takes a classroom from tech-rich to blended.


Station 3:

Flipped Learning

Learning Target:

  •  Evaluate how teachers use flipped learning and why it is beneficial for students and teachers
  • Share your main flipped learning take-aways and review the post created by your peers


  • There are two steps to this station. Step 1: Watch two videos and Step 2: Post in Dotstorming

Step 1: Watch Two of the five videos posted below. Select the 2018 Instructional Technology Class if prompted.

Video 1: Katie utilizes one-take videos and online publishing to remove the traditional lecture from the classroom to effectively engage and challenge students through differentiated lessons and collaborative learning


Video 2: What is Flipped Learning?

• What a flipped classroom is -- and is not.

• Why it's powerful to create your own videos.

• How to get students to watch the videos.

• How to get started.


Video 3: Flipping the Classroom - No Computers or Internet Required - Dr. Lodge McCammon


Video 4: Flipped Classroom Research Foundations Dr. Lodge McCammon


 Video 5: Rethinking the Flipped Classroom Pitch - Dr. Lodge McCammon


Step 2: 

Open the link for you school below and share your main take-aways from the flipped learning videos. The teacher will give you the board password.

Rockvale Elementary Flipgrid

Rock Springs Middle Flipgrid

Central Flipgrid

Stewarts Creek Middle Flipgrid

LaVergne Middle Flipgrid

Blackman Middle Flipgrid


Read Peer Comments

Open this link and read the comments.

 Extra Time:
Watch additional videos or read posts from station 3.
Additional Resources:
  • Evaluate necessary classroom management procedures for effective station rotations