RCS Home School TSSAA/TMSAA Athletic Participation Guidelines

Rutherford County Schools

RCS Home School Administrative Procedure


The TSSAA requires home school students to have a legal residence within the school district where he/she will be participating, if participating with a public school.

TSSAA Update: The parent or guardian must make application for participation in athletics to the principal of the member school in which the home school athlete wishes to try out and possibly participate before the first official practice date for that sport.

Rules/procedures regarding home school students and zoning the TSSAA leaves to the LEA. (local Education Association)

RCS Home School Procedures:

  1. Parent must contact Debbie Smotherman in RCS attendance office ([email protected] or 615-893-5812 ext. 22127) to register their child as a home school student.


  1. Parent must make contact through email of their students' “intent to participate” in sports to the following people: Debbie Smotherman (RCS Attendance Office) Principal, Coach, and the Athletic Director at their zoned school.


  1. Ms. Smotherman will determine if the home school meets qualifications that would allow the student to try out for sports at their zoned RCS school.


  1. When verified the home school meets qualifications, Ms. Smotherman will notify the personnel at the zoned school via email. 


       5.Parents will need to provide proof of residence to the school that they are in the correct zone by providing two of the                                  following: Utility Bill (gas, water, electric, etc. Mortgage or Lease


  1. School Administrators, Athletic Directors and Coaches are responsible for verifying that home school students trying out/practicing for their teams are zoned for their school before allowing them to practice.



   ** Note - A home school student may tryout at their zoned school prior to receiving verification from Ms. Smotherman, provided all other required FinalForms paperwork (physical, etc.) has been submitted.  The student may not participate in further practices/games until verification is received. 


*** All Home School Students fall under the TSSAA Transfer rules listed below:

  1. After participation at the first member school, any changes within member schools shall be governed by the transfer rule.
  2. Once a student establishes an athletic record either as an enrolled student at a member school or as a home school student, any subsequent transfers to or from a home school to a member school must meet the TSSAA transfer rule, even if the student will be participating for the same team.
  3. Any student who withdraws from a regular school, which for the purpose of this policy is defined as a member school, to enroll in a home school education program and who is eligible at the time of withdrawal from the regular school program due to his/her failure to meet academic or behavioral eligibility standards shall be ineligible to compete in interscholastic athletic competition as a home education athlete until such time as he/she has satisfied this home school bylaw as well as all other eligibility bylaws of TSSAA.