SPED Behavior Team

The Behavior Team is made up of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts, Behavior Specialists, Registered Behavior Technicians and Behavior Educational Assistants. They assist in meeting the educational needs of Special Education students who demonstrate moderate to severe behavior problems in the school setting. They conduct functional behavior assessments, develop behavior intervention plans and conduct functional analysis when appropriate as well as provide trainings and program planning.





Larry Crismon Behavior Specialist 22064 [email protected]
Katie Fann BCBA 22054 [email protected]
Melindia Fenner Behavior Specialist   [email protected]
Tracy George BCBA 22074 [email protected] 
Shauna Grenead Behavior Specialist   [email protected]
Janna Hood BCBA 21862 [email protected] 
Kecia Simmons Behavior Specialist 22062 [email protected]
Melissa Tucker Behavior Specialist   [email protected]
Resources: Behavior

University of South Florida Family Engagement Page:




Contains resources across a variety of languages on teaching social/emotional skills, addressing problem behavior (found under “backpack connection”), family connection (teaching play skills), social stories, and general resources.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page)


Autism Speaks:   https://www.autismspeaks.org/tool-kit/challenging-behaviors-tool-kit


“Challenging Behaviors Toolkit” contains videos for parents to watch.


Child Mind Institute - Guide to problem behavior https://childmind.org/guide/parents-guide-to-problem-behavior/


Contains information on providing reinforcement for appropriate behaviors, setting boundaries/not delivering rewards for inappropriate behaviors, how to deliver instructions, and helping deal with emotions  


Cosmic Kids Yoga:


Videos are available on Youtube.com that promote yoga, movement/body awareness, mindfulness and relaxation designed for kids ages 3+

Resources: Autism

School Closure Autism Kit:




Autism Toolkit: 




Educate Autism  http://www.educateautism.com/


Educate Autism is a website dedicated to helping those working with children with autism by providing free teaching materials, various tutorials to help you make your own teaching aidsand articles to provide information about teaching methods and behavioral principles. 


Autism Classroom:   http://autismclassroom.com/


AutismClassroom.com is an online resource for parents, educators and administrators about setting up classrooms, setting up home and teaching children with autism. AutismClassroom.com provides free teaching materials, information on free and low-cost trainings and mobile apps.