Hearing - Deaf Ed Program

Rutherford County Schools offers a variety of classroom settings and services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing between the ages of 3 and 21. These include a total communication preschool, resource classrooms, inclusion services, itinerant services, and assistive technology.  Student services are provided according to their individual needs as determined by their IEP team.

Your child may be eligible for services if their hearing loss reveals that they meet one or more of the following standards for hearing impairment/deafness:

  • Inability to orally communicate effectively due to hearing impairment/deafness with regard to phonological and phonetic skills.
  • Inability to perform academically on a level commensurate with expected level because of hearing problems.
  • Delayed or disordered language development due to hearing impairment/deafness.
  • Hearing impairment/deafness, which influence vocational social competency.

If you suspect that your child’s hearing impairments is affecting them in the academic setting, please collect all medical documentation regarding their hearing loss. After you have collected the necessary documentation, please contact Amanda Landrum, Deaf Education Coordinator, using the contact information listed below.

Rocky Fork Elementary School, Rocky Fork Middle School, and Riverdale High School house our deaf education program. This program includes four Teachers for the Deaf, nine sign language interpreters and one Deaf Education Coordinator.

Contact Name




Kurstin Bingman (615) 893-5815 22055 [email protected]