Speech / Language Pathologists

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) within the school setting work to prevent, assess, diagnose, facilitate and treat speech, language, and communication skills.  We currently have 39 SLPs serving our 51 schools.

Speech-Language Pathologists participate on committees, collaborate with teachers, families, and other school professionals, complete procedural compliance paperwork, perform therapy and evaluations, collect data, and engage in multiple activities to support ALL students in achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

 In effort to assist in our student’s education, the SLP participates in Student Assistance Teams, plans and assist interventions, conducts appropriate assessments, and shares the assessment(s) results with the Individual Education Program (IEP) Team.  At this meeting, eligibility recommendations are discussed and, if the student meets the criteria for a Speech and/or Language Impairment consistent with Tennessee State Regulations and the disability adversely impacts the student’s educational performance in their learning environment, the student’s IEP is discussed and planned by the IEP Team.  Students who are identified Speech and/or Language Impaired, may be served as a Related Service in a variety of settings such as group/ individual therapy, inclusion and/or on a consultative basis.  



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Angela Shofner Lead Speech Language Pathologist ext. 22132 [email protected]