Social Workers

The Rutherford County Board of Education employs a team of School Social Workers who provide a vital link between students and their families, the schools they attend, and the community in which they live.   School Social Workers assist families, teachers, and other educators in understanding and removing barriers that prevent student success.  They also assist in the evaluation of preschoolers and school-age children suspected of having a disability, participate in determining a student’s eligibility for Special Education Services, and participate in the Individual Education Program meetings.  By collaborating with community agencies and organizations, School Social Workers assist in the development of, and referral to, resources to adequately meet the needs of students and their families.  A School Social Worker is assigned to every school in the county.

Name Phone number:

Email School Assignments
Hafsa Abed 615-762-7751 [email protected]
Central Magnet
Holloway High
Whitworth Buchanan Middle
Angela Allison 615-762-8000 [email protected]
 Daniel McKee Alt.
Oakland Middle
Oakland High
Stephanie Bennett 615-762-5186 [email protected]
Christiana Elem.
Christiana Middle
Barfield Elem.
Ali Brislin 615-663-7179 [email protected] 
Rockvale Elem.
Rockvale Middle
Rockvale High
Amanda Collins 615-767-0946 [email protected]
John Coleman Elem.
Roy Waldron Elem.
Roy Waldron Annex
Lynn Ferrell 615-893-5815 ext. 22057 [email protected]  PreK
Brandy Gammon 615-767-9930 [email protected]
Kittrell Elem.
Lascassas Elem.
Walter Hill Elem.
Stacey Hancock 615-762-4960 [email protected]
Rocky Fork Elem.
Smyrna Elem.
Smyrna Primary
Holly Higginbotham 615-767-7794 [email protected]
Cedar Grove Elem.
LaVergne Middle
Wilson Elem.
Brandi Hill 615-762-8940 [email protected]
LaVergne Lake Elem.
Rocky Fork Middle
Smyrna High
Lexi Kuersten 615-767-8766 [email protected]
Buchanan Elem.
Plainview Elem.
Riverdale High
Delaina Kinnison 615-663-6232 [email protected]
Stewarts Creek Elem.
Stewarts Creek Middle
Stewarts Creek High
Amanda Landrum 615-767-4284 [email protected]
Homer Pittard Campus School
Siegel Middle
Siegel High
Allison Lewis 615-762-7627 [email protected]
Thurman Francis 
RCS Virtual School
Hannah Ramirez 615-762-4984 [email protected]
David Youree Elem.
Rock Springs Elem.
Rock Springs Middle
Mackenzie Tatum 615-762-4913 [email protected]
Blackman Elem.
Browns Chapel Elem.
Eagleville School
Sedonia Thompson 615-767-6938 [email protected]
Blackman Middle
Blackman High
Tracy Wise 615-762-6627 [email protected]
LaVergne High
Smyrna Middle
Eileen Woodside 615-767-1739 [email protected]
Smyrna West Alt.
Stewartsboro Elem.
Transition Academy