Transition activities will help prepare a student to successfully transition into adulthood, prepared for further education and/or training and employment or to become otherwise productive citizens after they leave High School.

Rutherford County Schools begins the process of Transition planning as an integral part of the IEP development for students as they reach 14 years old in order to prepare them for post-secondary success. Appropriate measurable post-secondary goals are written according to transition assessments related to training, education, employment and living skills. Transition services, including courses of study, are described according to the student’s interests, dreams, preferences, and abilities. Post-secondary goals are written to reflect the skills the student will need in order to achieve his/her goals. 

Rutherford County Schools offers several options to prepare students for life after high school. Besides the general education diploma track, there is also a Special Education diploma track and a Occupational diploma track. High school courses may include job training courses such as the PAES (Practical Assessment Exploration System) Lab, Transition Curriculum courses, Career Prep classes I-IV, Self-Advocacy training, assessment of work-related skills, vocational training at TRC, training in personal/social skills, driver’s education, career and technology education, personal finance courses, and the Transition Academy and Project Search at Embassy Suites.

Transition Academy and Project Search

Rutherford County Schools offers two Post-Secondary Programs for Students who have received a Special Education Diploma:

The Transition Academy is for students 18-22 who have graduated from high school with a Special Education Diploma. Students are exposed to a variety of community experiences as well as independent living skills that would not be possible in the traditional school setting. Students may choose to apply for the Transition Academy during their senior year of high school and are referred by the IEP team or Special Education Teacher. The selection process starts in February. Students are interviewed and, if interested, visit the Academy and are given an application/informational packet. A parent information meeting is held in the spring to explain the program and tour the house. 

Project Search at Embassy Suites is for students 18-22 who have received a Special Education Diploma. This is an unpaid work internship program for students who are ready to go to work and will not be returning to school. Project Search is a joint program between Embassy Suites, Rutherford County Schools and Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR). Students must apply to Vocational Rehabilitation and be an approved client to participate. The interview/screening process is completed in the spring of the year to determine placement the following year. 

Please visit our Parent Portaportal in the Parent Resources section on the Special Education Webpage to find contact information for resources to aid your student’s transition from high school.

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Christa Morgan Instructional Liaison/Transition Specialist (615) 893-5812  22053 [email protected]