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About Health Services

The Department of Health Services is under the direction of Sarah Winters MSN, RN. All full-time school nurses are either BSN or MSN-prepared and several are nationally certified school nurses (NCSN).

School nurses are responsible for gathering health information on each student in the school system and identifying students' health needs at school. The school nurse communicates with parents regarding the health information received and develops an Individualized Health Care Plan (IHP) for the student based on parent input, orders received from health care providers, and knowledge of the disease process.

The school nurse's primary objective is to improve the health and academic success of all students. The nurses see sick and injured children in the schools and provide health-related services to students with chronic health needs. These services may include diabetic care, gastrostomy tube feedings, urinary catheterizations, and tracheostomy care.

The school nurses train First Responder Team members in First Aid and Heartsaver CPR, which includes defibrillator (AED) training, and monitor the AED(s) in each of their assigned school(s). They train and monitor the medication administrators in their schools and are the resource persons for annual bloodborne pathogen training. The school nurses also perform scoliosis screenings for sixth graders in the school system in an effort to catch potentially debilitating spinal changes as early as possible. 

See below for a list of RCS school nurses and their contact information.

School Nurse Extension E-mail
Barfield Elementary Jessica Floyd 22521
Blackman Elementary Mallory Blankenship 28706
Blackman High Amanda Durrett 22912
Blackman Middle Christi Reger 29134
Brown's Chapel Elementary Sandra Untch 30909
Buchanan Elementary Holly Smith 25310
Campus School Blair Akers 26313
Cedar Grove Elementary Shellie Dallas 22311
Central Magnet Paige Anderson 23321
Christiana Elementary Andrea Cain 25108
Christiana Middle Caitlyn Rowe 29720
Daniel McKee Elizabeth Hazlett 25500
David Youree Elementary Tonya Conde 25716
Eagleville Tammy Carroll 25913
Holloway High  TBD 26121  
John Coleman Elementary Jonna McCracken 26503
Kittrell Elementary TBD 26711  
Lascassas Elementary Brittney Frost 26908
LaVergne High Zarita Melton 24173
LaVergne Lake Elementary Angie Dorris 30509
LaVergne Middle Jennifer Allen 29935 
LaVergne Primary Allison Wadham 24504
McFadden Elementary Shelly Tilton 24905 
Oakland High Becky Fuqua 23941
Oakland Middle Fredia Poff 31112 
Riverdale High Juanita Bortnick 23553
Rock Springs Elementary Debbie Shinkle 23120
Rock Springs Middle Sandra Morton 29335
Rockvale Elementary Angie Gillespie 27113
Rockvale Middle Jamie Williams 30708
Roy Waldron Sadie Land 24307
Siegel High Lisa Nielsen 25919
Siegel Middle Lisa Robert 28512
Smyrna Elementary Sperri Arviso 27505 
Smyrna High Tracy Sissom 23716
Smyrna Middle Lesa Randolph 24706
Smyrna Primary Amy Robinson 27710
Smyrna West Angie Tabb 27907 
Stewarts Creek Elementary Meg Relford 30308
Stewarts Creek High Terri Pigg 31518
Stewarts Creek Middle Sarah Hanback 30108
Stewartsboro Elementary Brittany Sargent/Amy Vogel 27315 / 
Thurman Francis Penny Tidwell 28111
Walter Hill Elementary Elizabeth Hazlett 28305
Whit-Buch Middle Melanie Newhall 31312
Wilson Elementary Sherrie Rahn 28907 
Clinical Nurse Supervisor Shanna Groom 615-605-0842 
Clinical Nurse Supervisor Marjorie Hogan 615-295-4424
Clinical Nurse Supervisor Connie Walker 615-295-4442
Director of Health Services Sarah Winters 22077 
Education Coordinator Barb Herrell 22085
float nurse (1/2 time) Lynn Bridges
float nurse (1/2 time) Kim Potts
float nurse (1/2 time)
Lisa Williams 
float nurse (1/2 time) Melissa Palicka  
PRN Andrea Hutton  
PRN Beth Ertl  
PRN Jami Hage
PRN Jessica  Hill
PRN Denise Colson 
PRN Jaclyn King 
PRN Brittany Lee 
PRN Jessica Wright  
PRN Chassidy Allen 
PRN Lisa Hollifield 
PRN Blair Akers  
PRN Kitty McClellen  
Float LPN Jennifer Hayes
Float LPN Melissa Flagg